27.jan.2018 | 13.feb.2018


The wild celebration of Carnival in Venice is an ancient tradition – dating back to the early 1st millennium – that still can turn a weekend on the always enchanting island into once in a lifetime experience…
And perhaps an even better note is that Venice Carnival transforms with each year – so it can be experienced many times, with each year turning the page onto a different adventure.
Having Bauer Hotels as your base and our concierges as your collaborators is the best way to enter the mêlée. We can guide you to the best costume and artisanal masque ateliers, for a truly unique look for your nights on the town…
The look: Do not hesitate to spare the feather, sequin, fringe or silk trim. This dazzling footage was taken at night during the 2017 carnival Ball at Palazzo Pisani Moretta where the extravagance and grandeur were never ending, and crowned with an incredible display which illuminated the Grand Canal with flashes of fire and dynamic aerial performances…




The “Flight of the Angel” is a traditional event that goes back to the Serenissima period where an unknown guest of Venice, flying along a rope from San Marco bell tower to the middle of the square, will offer an homage to the Doge, and will be greeted by the crowded parterre of the period costumes parades of the Historical Re-enactments.
The girl winner of the last edition of the “Festa delle Marie” (Marie contest), Elisa Costantini, will be the Angel of the new Carnival 2018.