Francesca Bortolotto Possati, CEO of the Bauer Group Hotel in Venice, announces the creation of a new type of gastronomic offering that could bring sweeping changes to the landscape of Venetian cooking. She has called Giovanni Ciresa back to Venice to study and develop a new launch of the Venetian hotel group’s restaurant. Chef Ciresa created unforgettable dishes during his decade-long tenure as head chef at this historic five-star Venetian hotel. After a five-year departure, Ciresa returns not as the executive chef, but as consultant on the restructure and renewal of the kitchen and menu.   This new collaboration brings Ciresa back to the Bauer to establish a new and exceptional team. Heading the new staff is Martino Longo, who worked under Ciresa for years and now serves as executive chef. Together, Ciresa and Longo have formulated a new menu that leaves the past behind and meets clients' more modern tastes. “Catering in a hotel is very difficult, especially in Italy where you can find a wide range of offerings in every city as well as the surrounding regions,” Francesca Bortolotto Possati explains. “On the one hand, you have the Michelin chefs whose menus express their very own particular cuisine; on the other hand, there are thousands of restaurants and trattorias that highlight Italian cuisine from every region. In my company, I have always tried to invest in people who express their personalities; remaining conscious, of course, of the fact that perhaps we haven’t always achieved the desired economic outcome. These opportunities, in fact, provide our staff with a launching pad for future opportunities. I am proud that many of them have found validation and satisfaction, and have gone on to occupy prestigious roles in Italy and all over the world. I am pleased to have called Chef Ciresa (having spent the last two years at Alma’s, the world’s leading international educational and training centre for Italian Cuisine) back into my organization so that together we can continue to cultivate new talent and a new cuisine.” “The era of grueling preparations is over. We want to return to the simplicity and authenticity of tradition, in which basic ingredients will be the true and pure essence of the dishes.” Ciresa adds. Ciresa’s kitchen is founded on local and regional customs, in which quality ingredients are the key players. He will be introducing a menu that includes, among others, Venetian Cicchetti, a symbol of Venetian cuisine, evergreen dishes like Risi Bisi, as well as Wiener Schnitzel with roast potatoes and a new dish, a pizza prepared with stone-ground flour and lievito madre yeast.