How could it be otherwise? Overlooking a garden of almost 5 acres, where rose bushes and hydrangeas grow in a typical vegetable garden, the Restaurant L’Ulivo del Palladio Hotel & Spa in Venice has become greener than ever before. Beginning May 19, the greenest hotel restaurant in Venice offers a completely vegetarian menu developed by Giovanni Ciresa, the noted chef who for a decade has been at the head of the restaurants for the Bauer Group and now is the Group’s consultant.              “After submitting new menu ideas for our restaurant on the Grand Canal,” explains Francesca Bortolotto Possati, CEO of the Palladio Hotel, “we suddenly realized that a vegetarian option would be a wonderful alternative to offer our guests, including many who frequent the prestigious SPA, where from the beginning of the season we’ve offered a selection of vegetarian dishes.”   To mix the ingredients harvested directly from our garden with organic vegetables selected at the most prestigious local markets, Bortolotto Possati called upon Francesco Fedrighi, who blossomed at the Bauer under the guidance of Ciresa and at the Garibaldi in Vicenza, as well as at St. Hubertus in San Cassiano and in California where he experimented with the importance of vegetable elements in the preparation of various dishes. 


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The freshly scented herbs, the Asian spices, the vegetables of the season all contribute to create a refined and original menu, where the classic vegetable risotto is revisited thanks to peppermint and yuzu, where the beets are accompanied by raspberries, and creamed corn is refreshed with the scent of laurel – tasty dishes in perfect harmony with the veiled magic of the setting, immersed in the lush gardens of ‘convent’, an ideal place to enjoy relaxation and excellent cuisine.