03.mar.2017 | 03.mar.2017


Romance and sensuality

Taking his cue from the romance and sensuality of the Masters of Italian cinema – Visconti, Bertolucci – maverick Gucci designer Alessandro Michele and his creative team produced a new clip for their ‘Guilty’ fragrance which recreates a timelessly European romance. Oscar-winner Jared Leto stars as a dandyesque figure, hosting two young girls on location in an ornate palazzo

Inside the grand Villa, the pretty trio inhabit an impeccably authentic mirrored world of luxury, with the textures of silk, brocade, and marble enveloping them as they can only in Venice


The golden light of the glimmering city hits the epic silhouette of the famous church domes, and the waters of the Grande Canal flash and sparkle. As the three play, the music by Mahler swells – its a piece used also by Luchino Visconti as the theme to his adaptation of Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice. American actor Jared Leto was moved by his experience on the short film: “Venice is a city that allows you to explore yourself and discover, redefine who you are. Its the perfect place to set this story, of these two woman and one woman, who go on the adventure, this experimental, magical journey together.



Behind the scenes

Its something I am very proud to be a part of,” Leto explains in a behind the scenes video. And we agree that Venice is a truly a city made for lovers – whether your first trip away together or if you are celebrating a golden anniversary, there’s no better place to be swept away again. Leto continues: “The city kind of transports you to another time. It seems untouched…” We at Bauer Hotels know exactly what he means, and every aspect of our decor and service is designed to make your experience as magical as that in this film.

The Gucci boutique is also steps from Bauer, just outside on the Calle Larga XXII San Marzo.