14.nov.2018 | 14.nov.2018

Rene Caovilla “VENEZIA” campaign 2016

Over this year, our selection of clips from some of the most important moments of Venice on Film have taken us everywhere from sensual games of Gucci with Jared Leto, the magic of traveling with Louis Vuitton and David Bowie, to the the intrigue of The Talented Mr Ripley, the richly reimagined 1600s of the Merchant of Venice, to discovering hidden symbols with Indiana Jones, to getting lost in alleyways with Donald Sutherland in Don’t Look Now. We have seen splendour and beauty, glamour and gilding, the possibilities of a city full of art and designed for the film camera to explore.


And so, after looking back on all the film excerpts we have shown you this year, here is one from prestigious Venetian footwear brand Rene Caovilla which is perhaps the most absolutely Venetian, covering every aspect of this great city in 360 degrees, filling in any of the blanks left over after our great survey of cinema.


In an innovative touch for their 2016 campaign Rene Caovilla wanted to truly show the city in which he creates. So we are sent on a drone adventure in the skies of Venice that is breathtaking to behold. Harnessing the power of technology, we can now truly go ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the city. Like a perfect spy, the eye of the camera catches the huge energy of the people of Venice as they work, from the glass makers twirling their wands in the furnaces of Murano to the producer sellers at the Rialto market, displaying their wares. Like a bird, we fly over the rooftops, skim over the wide lagoon and sinuous canal waters, over the Dome of the Basilica San Marco,  under bridges, over waiting gondolas, inside painted palazzos, to the very apex of the city.  The film-maker Oliver Astrologo has also created made similar on Rome and other Italian locations all with drone footage, showing the aspects of Italy with a new tech eye.


If you are inspired after watching this, we can offer you the closet thing to flying over Venice in the form of a visit to the 7th Floor terrace, the highest in Venice, Settimo Cielo – Seventh Heaven – of Bauer Palazzo. Here you can see Venice from almost the 360 degrees of this film, voer the terracotta tones rooftops to the San Marco Campanile, to San Giorgio Maggiore and over the other islands of the lagoon. A sunset or a sunrise up here is never to be forgotten, and if you are here into the New Year, fireworks too.


And if you wish to remember your Venice visit with a souvenir that sums up the luxury craftsmanship of the city, you should do so in style – the bijoux Rene Caovilla boutique is just steps from the Bauer Hotel towards the Piazza San Marco, where, sparkling like a genie’s bottle, Caovilla’s glittering slippers will take you far.