07.jul.2019 | 07.jul.2019

Summer Romance in Venice! THE TOURIST

Who hasn’t thought of running away to Venice for a romantic weekend (or week?) The plot of 2010 film The Tourist takes this exciting idea to the most luxurious limit, as the mysterious billionaire-in-disguise as a math teacher (played by Johnny Depp) draws his amour – played by Angelina Jolie – into an international chase to prove his undying love to her (despite his change of face).

This enjoyable film has a style which harks back to 60s romps like Charade with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, bringing back the glamour of a bygone era of travel and sophistication as a backdrop for the romance. So its natural that the destination for the tryst ends up as Venice, and uses uniquely Venetian landmarks and views as its canvas. These two are arguably the world’s biggest film stars, and filming brought paparazzi to our usually quiet streets, as Depp and Jolie staged their stunts and capers.

What The Tourist shows us is that whether you have been together or days or years, running off to Venice is the perfect thing to start or refresh your love. This ‘dream sequence’ excerpt from the mind of Johnny Depp’s character proves the possibilities of the city as the ideal set for a starting, continuing or rekindling a Love affair…

We at Bauer Hotels think its a wonderful idea to come here for romance, and would like to help you in all ways possible to make your dream a reality when you stay here with us!

Preorder fruits and champagne to your room, book a private island cruise, or take a table for two in our De Pisis restaurant, where you can see the light bouncing off the sparkling waters of the Bacino San Marco reflected in each other’s eyes…  Or stay in our Palladio hotel where the Palladio spa has a special set of luxurious treatments and steam baths designed just for couples.

Of you could just go shopping. Jolie’s character arrives in Venice from Paris with no luggage – but due to the foresight of her mysterious paramour, a full, handpicked wardrobe, including jewels –  await her in her chambers. So, in the spirit why not take in the boutiques the line the streets right next to Bauer – the finest of European designer labels from Prada and Gucci to Hermes and Christian Dior are right there on our doorstep. Filling up a (Bauer) wardrobe with a selection from these is certain to start your romantic weekend well… Add a sprinkle of fine jewellery from the specialist Venetian jewelers Codognato and Eleutheri, for an extra solid affirmation of Love.