15.aug.2017 | 15.aug.2017

Ferragosto – 15 August after Notte di San Lorenzo

Golden Italian Summer

The month of August is synonymous with vacation time across Europe and the globe, where all finally have a chance to relax and rewind. If Venice is on your path this summer, we at Bauer Hotels will be ready to welcome you.

Any time spent in Venice, always the crossroads of East and West, her walls witness to so many layers of history, carries the lesson that the world is turbulent, and always changing around us. All we can do is to try and find in each moment the most fulfillment that it can offer, and travel is the best way to do that. New tastes, pleasures and views open the mind and heart. A philosophy we at Bauer Hotels wholeheartedly agree with, and aim to deliver to you during your time here with us.


A very special moment in the celestial cosmic calendar is the Perseid Meteor Shower, commemorated on the 10th of August as ‘La Notte di San Lorenzo’ after a Roman Empire martyr. For maximum effect, take a boat out on the night of the 12th August to the far reaches of the islands and without harsh city lights, you will be in a wonderland of falling stars that has to be seen to be believed. Its a tradition to ‘wish upon a star’ as you see it fall over the lagoon – simply repeat the incantation, “Stella, mia bella Stella, desidero che…” to be granted your heart’s desire. This is most certainly the origin of Disney’s plaintive and famous ‘Wish upon a star’ theme – Pinocchio was after all, Italian.




The night of San Lorenzo

inaugurates with the very Italian celebration of Ferragosto, which officially hits on the 15th August. Dating back to the “festivals of the Emperor Augustus” – the ‘Feriae Augusti’ rituals, previously marking the summer harvest, have been celebrated since ancient times, In the Christian calendar, the day also commemorates Mary’s Assumption into Heaven. With many Venetian denizens away, use the Bauer as your base-camp and them head off the beaten path to take in a stroll along romantically deserted streets and see the real Stones of Venice. Its a neat historical note that global adventurer Marco Polo himself lived in the Campo San Lorenzo, on the site of what is now the Teatro Malibran. Wake up early and discover a cool Venice before the heat rises.

With this great August weather, you can also spend a day at the beach. The long island of Lido is right across the bay, where white sands can be found as well as cool drinks. Or venture a little further to Jesolo, a large stretch of beach very popular with holidaymakers. Our concierge can advise you on all possibilities to make your sun-seeking as smooth as a speedy motoscafi ride away.


Our concierge can advise you on how to reach Jesolo and admire the fireworks.