28.may.2017 | 28.may.2017

Marriage of Venice to the sea – May 28

In the opening scenes of Fellini’s Casanova, the gargantuan stone head of a woman sinks beneath the waves under the Rialto Bridge as the Doge watches, transfixed. While this particular cinematic moment is one of Fellini’s personal vision, this scene echoes a very real ceremony of Venice, ‘The Marriage of the Sea,’ or the Festa della Sensa (because it was held on Ascension Day, ‘Sensa’ in Venetian dialect.). This mysterious rite came into being at time the birth of Venice around the year 1000, and grew to an elaborate event where the Doge would throw a ring symbolically into the Adriatic; as the ring sunk, its merged with City with the sea in marriage, and declared the Queen of the Sea’s everlasting maritime domination. In 2017, while the Mayor of Venice fills in for the Doge, the path is the same – the procession begins at San Marco, then heads towards the Lido to the shore of San Nicolò where the actual ceremony takes place. A parade of other boats fill the lagoon, and a party is held by all on both land and sea. Its something that has lasted through generations of different rulers, wars, rise and falls. At BAUER Hotel, we are insiders, and so just ask and we can pass one the inside knowledge to experience this and other special local Venetian festival days, such the Festa di Primavera on Lido’s beautiful alabaster Alberoni beach – to make your summer in Venice full of unique memories that will last on to your next generation .