07.jul.2017 | 07.jul.2017

Linea d’acqua

Linea d’acqua along innovating huge movements in the crafts of perfume, glassware and painting, Venice was also historically renowned as a great centre of book publishing. Aldus Manutius famously established his Aldine Press in 1495, in the process inventing not only Italic script but also the idea of printing not just heavy illuminated tomes, but also portable books which would be carried with the reader, like the novel. Today, the antiquarian bookstore Linea d’Acqua is a very special place where all of these layers of history can be found. The store is run under the guidance Editor and Antiquarian Luca Zentilini, a scion of a family proudly in Venice for 500 years. He truly loves his work, guarding and preserving the books as objects of beatury as well as  repositories of arcane knowledge. The store’s experts restore, value and sell books from priceless 14th century works to the latest published here, creating an archive of paper that is of interest to scholar and new discoverers alike. The shelves hold a treasure trove of literature and the craft of bookmaking. You will find authentic leather and ink scents there to greet you, and art exhibitions also take place on their walls, making a visit truly immersive. Whether Venetian literary history is something you know well or not at all, you will find new knowledge here; as Zentilini explains in this film portrait, “We Venetians are the treasurers of a tradition, of a huge amount of culture.” The name ‘Linea d’Acqua’ means the point where the ‘line’ of the lagoon meets the stones of Venice, and you can step into his world just a short walk from the Bauer within the heart of the classically winding paths of Venice.

Find the Linea d’Acqua store at Calle de la Mandola, San Marco 3717.