09.jun.2018 | 09.jun.2019

Vogalonga 2019 – 9 Jun

Venice has always been a unique city

a scattering of islands carved of marble, gold and stone surrounded by the blue-green waters of the Venetian Lagoon.
Only approachable by boat, and a master ship-builder, she was the serene Queen of the Seas, La Serenissima.
The magnificent black gondolas still plying their trade today were born in Venice to match the exact size of its canals, and for centuries were the main form of transport within these. Its hard to imagine today, but picture this scene – instead of chugging vaporetto and darting motoscafi, the canals of the whole city filled with real boats, and rowed with dipping oars only.
Well, this dream does come true each year, with the ‘Vogalonga’ Regatta, designed in 1974 as a day of celebration of the art of boating and protest at the detrimental effect of too many motors on the delicate ecosystems of the region.
Vogalonga means ‘Long Row, this remarkable race without motors draws thousands of colourfully outfitted teams from all over the world to rowing the gruelling but extremely beautiful 32 kilometer route, which starts off in San Marcom runs back up towards the islands of the northern lagoon, before reaching its conclusion right outside the Bauer’s windows onto the Grand Canal – the Punta Della Dogana where the race ends in the afternoon is directly across from the Bauer Terrace. Now in its 45th edition, a kaleidoscope of different types of crafts come together, flags flying high – from kayaks to Chinese Dragonboats,or the elegant Venetian balotina, it makes for a truly spectacular scene. If you are at Bauer on Vogalonga Sunday, you will be secure in witnessing the excitement, effort and joy that comes along with such a challenging athletic endeavour.

After seeing it done the hard way, you should visit the islands passed along the Vogalonga route. These are the famous glass-haven Murano, lace-making Burano, Torcello, and the smaller Sant Erasmo and Mazzorbo are jewels in the Venetian Queen’s crown and must be discovered.
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Long live Venice, and all who sail on her!