20.dec.2017 | 20.dec.2017


Artists have been drawn to the unique vistas that only Venice can offer for many centuries, and no other city has been painted and pictured and sculpted quite as much as Venice has been.

Art explodes from each surface of the city, equally adorning her golden churches, grand museums and opulent historic homes. I could be said that, flowing as strongly as the waters of the lagoon which surrounds her, Venice’s lifeblood is art. And not just of the past, but also of the present, which is encapsulated in the diversity of works presented during the Biennale of Art which brings together todays’ greatest living artists every two years as they compete in an ‘Olympics’ of the modern art world. With all of this in mind, Venetian painter Roger de Montebello has taken up the challenge to continue the work of the great painters, picking up the sensitive brush of Titian and Turner to capture the enigmatic light and landmarks of the floating world that surrounds him in each of his canvases. The artist is interested in what he calls ‘very simple things’ such a doorway or a cypress tree, but which also speak to ‘the Universal’ when depicted by his skilful hand. The city provides him all he needs: “Its like a perfect world,” he elucidates. “Culture goes back in to nature, in the natural world of the water.

The source of my inspiration doesn’t dry up.” Take a moment to enter Montebello’s painted world – and see some of the most beautiful views of our city – in this short film portrait.